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Right up my alley
Sat Sep 1, 2018 10:43am

Go ahead. I can tell you for a fact that there are many people who love stories with mass female nudity.

Dimitrii put it succinctly in his reply. It has been done before, its the author who makes the story great or forgettable. Your idea is fun and I would like to read it as a proper story.

  • Naked in Collegebase, Sat Sep 1 1:27am
    There are plenty of naked in school/college stories floating about over the years. I'm wondering if there is room for one more universe where many females go naked. Consider - Naked in School:... more
    • The ever growing snowball.Not A ID, Sun Sep 2 10:41am
      The challenge, I think, lies in the initial setup and presented premise. Regardless of how it is done, others may choose to play in the offered playground if given a chance, although who those people ... more
      • Overthinking a little?Casanova, Sun Sep 2 1:16pm
        ID is right in saying that the universe you create needs to have a few defined rules which the writers need to follow. Most such universes had groups where people could discuss and add in their own... more
        • Don't count it out entirely. (Real World)Not A ID, Sun Sep 2 6:40pm
          The female nudity, or more particular, the "top freedom" aspect of it, has a lot more support from the younger generation than the older one. Also relevant is that it seems to be the North Americans... more
          • nude is not consentbase, Sun Sep 2 9:34pm
            Perhaps the strongest argument I've heard (in real life) has been the younger generations being strong advocate of what they wear (or not) does not imply consent to be touched, groped, or raped. You... more
            • The Biggest factors in play.Not A ID, Mon Sep 3 12:58am
              Are the evidence that the more repressive a society is in regards to female attire(in terms of required coverage), the more sexually exploitive the male population in that society is when it comes to ... more
    • there always isAndrew, Sat Sep 1 12:32pm
      If you want to write about female nudity in school feel free That is whats great about writing a different take there alway is room
    • Right up my alley — Casanova, Sat Sep 1 10:43am
    • Open works when Inspired Dimitrii, Sat Sep 1 10:21am
      Couple meets and falls in love. Been done. It is the characters and reactions that make a story. There is always room for more.
      • alwys room for Jellobase, Sun Sep 2 1:28am
        Couple falls out of love when she encounters the bad boy, who turns out to be the good guy after all. Been done, but is believable. However, that tale ends. Period. Finale. I'm asking if the concept... more
        • Different takes and moreDimitrii, Sun Sep 2 2:30am
          Yes it can be boring when there are multiple stories following the same outline. But a universe is a universe of possibilities. Stories can be told from so many perspectives. You have the original... more
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