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Re: Nude Mods
Sat Sep 1, 2018 5:31pm

Heh, Sherry being naked ends up fitting well at about the 7-minute mark in the RE6 clip you provided. It makes it seem as though she's only just realized she has nothing on upon seeing her friend's flustered reaction.

These mods are incredibly common. Hell, all the Witcher games have mods that turn the leading ladies into 24/7 nudists. It helps that the work is already done in them, considering the nude models are already there. I'm looking forward to the possibility of playing a nudist in Cyberpunk 2077; the protagonist is naked in character creation screen.

Sadly for Sarah Ryder in Mass Effect: Andromeda, being naked is not going to make her look any less like the freak of nature she is. She and her whole family were jettisoned out of the Milky Way for a reason.

  • Nude ModsAnonymous, Thu Aug 30 1:06pm
    It reminds me of the nude mod game play videos that circulate on YouTube. They're clips from video games where a nude mod was installed that causes one or more of the characters to go around naked... more
    • Saints Row IVFallen, Tue Sep 4 4:39am
      Ok, so here's a video of a nude mod for a game called Saints Row IV. What makes this somewhat special is that the mod is actually removing censorship blurs from the game and adding details (nipples,... more
      • I dont even bother with thatEwong, Thu Sep 6 9:01pm
        In the game, I just have her wear nipple pasties that I color pink (I think the game calls the shade "salmon") and I have her wear a g-string where I have the waistband colored slightly lighter than... more
      • Re: Saints Row IVAnonymous, Thu Sep 6 7:58am
        Kinzie: "Boss, you're not wearing any pants." CJ: "This just got weird." Great line!
      • Re: Saints Row IVAnonymous, Thu Sep 6 7:53am
        I wonder if those aliens would have been able to have better aim if she wasn't naked! :)
      • Yeah, I'm familiar with Saints RowAnonymous, Wed Sep 5 1:13am
        All games in the series (well, 2-4 anyway) let you take off your clothes and run around au natural whenever you want, and have nude mods to go with them. Each one also has at least one mission where... more
    • Re: Nude Mods — TooManyXs, Sat Sep 1 5:31pm
      • AndromedaCasanova, Sun Sep 2 6:29am
        Its scientifically impossible to make that broad any uglier than the devs made her. Tried to on my friend's copy but gave up.
        • Re: AndromedaAnonymous, Fri Sep 7 2:06am
          The female Shepard in Mass Effect 3 was a lot better looking. Unfortunately, most of the nude mods of her have disappeared from youtube.
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