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alwys room for Jello
Sun Sep 2, 2018 1:28am

Couple falls out of love when she encounters the bad boy, who turns out to be the good guy after all. Been done, but is believable. However, that tale ends. Period. Finale.

I'm asking if the concept I presented leads to multiple unique stories within a naked universe, and whether those stories will not stretch the suspension of disbelief too far.

If the universe is simply told: She saw others going naked, so she got naked too, those stories will be repetitive. I might say that is what started to happen within the NIS universe -- students being selected, embarrassed, getting over it. Rinse. Repeat. Can you imagine dozens of reasons for a student to join the protest, even if they do not know it is a protest? That's where I'm trying to determine if this is an expandable universe, or one that becomes self limiting in a hurry.

Yes, one character may spring to the chance to shed her clothing, while another is reluctant, or perhaps made to strip without her consent to do so. Those would be the baseline stories, and each told from a different perspective. But I'm having a bit of a writer's block seeing numerous options for future tales. I'd like the root storyline to provide amble ideas for future authors to contribute. Perhaps, I'm trying too hard to write those stories rather than relying on the authors to pick it up and run with it.

  • Open works when Inspired Dimitrii, Sat Sep 1 10:21am
    Couple meets and falls in love. Been done. It is the characters and reactions that make a story. There is always room for more.
    • alwys room for Jello — base, Sun Sep 2 1:28am
      • Different takes and moreDimitrii, Sun Sep 2 2:30am
        Yes it can be boring when there are multiple stories following the same outline. But a universe is a universe of possibilities. Stories can be told from so many perspectives. You have the original... more
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