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Different takes and more
Sun Sep 2, 2018 2:30am

Yes it can be boring when there are multiple stories following the same outline. But a universe is a universe of possibilities.

Stories can be told from so many perspectives. You have the original protest and the joiners. But there are others: counter protesters, Secret plots for power or profit based on the new realities, boyfriends freaking out, Police dealing with not being able to do anything, clothes stores trying to stay in business. Just to give five minutes thought.

Write what you like. If you'd like to open your universe, do so. The other authors will either be inspired or not.

  • alwys room for Jellobase, Sun Sep 2 1:28am
    Couple falls out of love when she encounters the bad boy, who turns out to be the good guy after all. Been done, but is believable. However, that tale ends. Period. Finale. I'm asking if the concept... more
    • Different takes and more — Dimitrii, Sun Sep 2 2:30am
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IO's Discussion Board