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Overthinking a little?
Sun Sep 2, 2018 1:16pm

ID is right in saying that the universe you create needs to have a few defined rules which the writers need to follow. Most such universes had groups where people could discuss and add in their own ideas.

Let's take an example. There is a now defunct Yahoo group for the people who liked the idea of Nuda Veritas. Nuda Veritas has very strict rules and every woman must comply. Even royalty from other nations are not exempt. A princess/celebrity? No excuses. Strip if you want to experience the island. The only women exempted are women inside any foreign embassy.

Why do I bring this up? Someone suggested in a post that a law should be passed to not let women drive cars as its basically covering up their body which is forbidden. Have them use a segway, scooters or a BDSM contraption that the poster devised. The idea was rejected.

Thus, if you are gonna be making a whole new universe there needs to be some concrete rules since first of all you won't be posting it in an interactive group.

Since that's out of the way, to my main point. Aren't we thinking a little too much about this. We live in the era where Twitter jokes can get people fired. No matter the competitive nature of women or the liberating nature of "free the nipple" there's no way in hell you can get a mass nudity event. Other women won't allow it. Maybe a couple times for art's sake, but that's it.
Just today I was going through the twitter thread of that woman who called Kim a double agent of the patriarchy. The whole thread was a back and forth between sex +ve and -ve feminists.

You can't have a woman in her 30s on a solid career path walk around nude and sway her breasts for the joy of her co-workers. None of our stories can happen in real life. They're fiction. Thus I don't care about details like relationships or age or any harsh themes. Same with mass nudity stories. I'm sure there are very few people whose imagination would conjure up a woman who's too fat and needs a mobility scooter nude unless specified.

Tldr - Concrete rules for the universe. Don't think too much as its fiction.

  • The ever growing snowball.Not A ID, Sun Sep 2 10:41am
    The challenge, I think, lies in the initial setup and presented premise. Regardless of how it is done, others may choose to play in the offered playground if given a chance, although who those people ... more
    • Overthinking a little? — Casanova, Sun Sep 2 1:16pm
      • Don't count it out entirely. (Real World)Not A ID, Sun Sep 2 6:40pm
        The female nudity, or more particular, the "top freedom" aspect of it, has a lot more support from the younger generation than the older one. Also relevant is that it seems to be the North Americans... more
        • nude is not consentbase, Sun Sep 2 9:34pm
          Perhaps the strongest argument I've heard (in real life) has been the younger generations being strong advocate of what they wear (or not) does not imply consent to be touched, groped, or raped. You... more
          • The Biggest factors in play.Not A ID, Mon Sep 3 12:58am
            Are the evidence that the more repressive a society is in regards to female attire(in terms of required coverage), the more sexually exploitive the male population in that society is when it comes to ... more
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