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Not A ID
Don't count it out entirely. (Real World)
Sun Sep 2, 2018 6:40pm

The female nudity, or more particular, the "top freedom" aspect of it, has a lot more support from the younger generation than the older one. Also relevant is that it seems to be the North Americans + English speaking members of the British Commonwealth that who are the only ones with a large contingent of feminists "hung up" on the whole female-nudity-is-bad thing.

And most of the women who have that nudity hang-up are old. It IS a rather weird battle being fought mostly between different generations of Feminists, although of course there are younger feminists siding against allowing female nudity/"expression", just as there are older feminists arguing in favor of female nudity/"expression."

As a male, I do have to say, that they're even having that fight is perhaps one of the BEST illustrations that a LOT of the oppression women experience in their day to day life actually has little to do with men specifically, and far more to do with their "fellow sisters" instead.

But that goes back to my comment about the "GGW effect" and the whole thing about there evidently being some kind of unwritten rule among women about not being the person that can be blamed for "lowering the bar" when it comes to standards of behavior/dress. As witnessed by your example regarding Kim Kardashian.

If you go first, "the claws" are going to come out, and they'll be aimed at you. But if you're the 4th in line, or all the way in the back of line, well. "It's not your fault" so nobody should go making accusations about your standard of conduct because soo many others "fell short" of those standards ahead of you. Even if you were all for doing so at the start, you just didn't want to be the one to take the heat for doing it.

But getting back on topic as to why I think things might shift more rapidly than many might think:

We're dealing with the rise of the post-Millenial generation now, as well as the Millenials themselves. (I guess the trendy term for where I land is as a "Xenial" for myself.) The Millenials (largely) grew up with internet access and ready access to porn pretty much from the moment they realized it existed, if not before then.

The later cadre of the Millenials, and their post-Millienial counterparts had one better: They grew up with ready access to internet porn, AND they grew up with ready access to a camera phone, that was theirs alone. Welcome to what I'd call "Generation Sext" where I don't think longstanding traditional outlooks regarding nudity hold much, if any weight for most of them.

Their only major concerns regarding nudity at this point probably revolve more around how "their elders" would respond to it more than anything else. (Because most of them are still somewhat reliant on Mom and Dad for support, and the rest of them (ultimately) work for someone in the 40+ age bracket.)

And I do think most of them have disassociated the two things on at least some level because of that background. Sure nudity can be sexy, and it certainly facilitates sex, but it isn't the same thing as sex. And being seen or even photographed naked doesn't change anything in and of itself.

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