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nude is not consent
Sun Sep 2, 2018 9:34pm

Perhaps the strongest argument I've heard (in real life) has been the younger generations being strong advocate of what they wear (or not) does not imply consent to be touched, groped, or raped.

You will hear many opposed to female public nudity or revealing outfits as 'inviting unwanted attention' and the worse are those that claim she is 'asking for it.' Nothing could be further from the truth. Many of the younger generation have taken this to heart, and tell more modest-minded people that what they wear or don't wear is not giving anyone permission other than to look. Males need to control themselves when the presence of a scantily clad or naked women.

We see this even in public schools, when a girl is sent home for wearing something that might 'distract the boys' as being her fault, not the fault of the boys so easily distracted. Those boys have to function in outside of the schoolhouse as well. What then? What if they never learn to control their own behaviors?

I do see the younger generations rallying to the #freethenipple and #topfreedom causes, but they are also the one ready to argue to let a girl wear what she wants without being shamed for doing so. Go to most public beaches in the summertime, and you will see many younger females wearing bikinis in public that even their parents back in their day would never have dreamt to wear, even in their own backyard pool.

This is the small step towards the suspension of disbelief necessary for these fictional universes to thrive. Imagine another generation, perhaps two, following the trend to dressing with less.

  • Don't count it out entirely. (Real World)Not A ID, Sun Sep 2 6:40pm
    The female nudity, or more particular, the "top freedom" aspect of it, has a lot more support from the younger generation than the older one. Also relevant is that it seems to be the North Americans... more
    • nude is not consent — base, Sun Sep 2 9:34pm
      • The Biggest factors in play.Not A ID, Mon Sep 3 12:58am
        Are the evidence that the more repressive a society is in regards to female attire(in terms of required coverage), the more sexually exploitive the male population in that society is when it comes to ... more
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