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Not A ID
The Biggest factors in play.
Mon Sep 3, 2018 12:58am

Are the evidence that the more repressive a society is in regards to female attire(in terms of required coverage), the more sexually exploitive the male population in that society is when it comes to their treatment of women.

On the sexting research, it also is interesting to note that the boys who have received texts from girls who view women/girls as having comparable or greater interest in sex to themselves were the ones _least_ likely to share the pictures they were given.

In regards to "sexual blackmail" with regards to nude imagery in general, the easiest "fix" to that issue is to remove the ability for it to be considered "blackmail worthy" material in the first place. The simplest means of doing that is to de-stigmatize such imagery.

The Other "Other" factor in play here is the whole body image thing. Where study after study is showing people with good body image perception are in much better psychological condition in general. And the people with the best body image perception? The ones who spend time naked for more than just bathroom activities. People who engage in social activities while nude have the best self-image of all groups. (Which isn't to mention the whole "getting to see real bodies rather than airbrushed/photoshopped renditions of them" aspect giving them a more realistic outlook on the matter compared to the general "textile" population.)

  • nude is not consentbase, Sun Sep 2 9:34pm
    Perhaps the strongest argument I've heard (in real life) has been the younger generations being strong advocate of what they wear (or not) does not imply consent to be touched, groped, or raped. You... more
    • The Biggest factors in play. — Not A ID, Mon Sep 3 12:58am
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