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Mon Sep 3, 2018 11:49pm

First, you posted a message that has no punctuation marks and really hard to understand. You are making a request, asking for help. So you should make it easier for other people to understand - if people don't get your message, how they can help you?

Secondly, The Old Maestro made a remark about the punctuation marks with a little humor (the way I see it). It may be received otherwise by different individuals, no doubt there. But he didn't use direct insult (even if you count it as an one).

And you, directly addressed him as 'coward' and emphasized it later with 'pathetic'. I am just using your quote "Your a coward for attacking over online." - If we take your word, what does that makes you? Another "pathetic coward"?

People visit here for fun. Not to pick fights. We are all from different locations and English is not the first language for a lot of people here. It is understandable that there will be mistakes but you need to try to make your post decent.

  • moderatorAndrew, Sat Sep 1 12:23pm
    I want the moderators to delete this post. No need for trolls or online nasty. I'm asking the moderators to delete this post. And to the old maestro Your a coward for attacking over online. If you... more
    • Well... — Sugarman, Mon Sep 3 11:49pm
      • well put, Sugarmanbase, Sat Sep 8 8:13pm
        You captured my thoughts exactly, each and every point I was going to make.
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