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Not A ID
At this stage, I'll be surprised if they respond by 11/06
Tue Sep 4, 2018 1:45am

Not saying its impossible, I just doubt it. If they issue a pro-FTN ruling in October, or even the latter half of September, it is very likely that the Presidential Mid-Term elections will suddenly become all about "activist judges" and Free The Nipple. Considering who is in the White House right now, as well as the highly mixed feminist positions regarding Top-Freedom, that outcome is likely to be more than a bit chaotic to say the least, particularly where one twitter account is concerned. That's a political nexus through which I'm not even going to hazard a guess as to what could happen as a consequence. (I'm not even certain which side he'd take, all the same I can't see him keeping quiet about it. The Libertarian vs Social Conservative side of things would also likely be out as a result--in addition to the feminists fighting each other.)

Waiting until November 7th allows everyone to bloviate to their hearts content, but at least it prevents the election from turning into a cluster----, with 2 years to the next (federal) election, they have time to come back to their senses, and SCotUS has time to possibly either overturn it, broaden it's reach, or do nothing.

  • How it works is that when a federal court does something a State does not like, while the State may be forced to accept topfree the various cities and townships quickly pass their versions of... more
    • At this stage, I'll be surprised if they respond by 11/06 — Not A ID, Tue Sep 4 1:45am
      • You are thinking more like a politician than a judge. While judges are not immune to political winds, they tend not to worry about such. When a judgement is ready, it is ready. Public intercourse on... more
        • Only if it was SCotUS doing so.Not A ID, Tue Sep 4 5:23pm
          And even (former) Supreme Court Justices have acknowledged that politics DO sometimes factor in to decisions made by the courts, even if it is something as "trivial" as timing of a ruling's release.... more
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