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Re: At this stage, I'll be surprised if they respond by 11/06
Tue Sep 4, 2018 1:07pm

You are thinking more like a politician than a judge. While judges are not immune to political winds, they tend not to worry about such. When a judgement is ready, it is ready.

Public intercourse on any subject should always be welcome, even a FTN verdict.

Judges are not suppose to rule in favor of their own personal political beliefs, but rather on the state of the law. Intelligent people can disagree on what the state of the law may be. Appeals happen. Judges should seek clarification from higher courts when the issues are conflicting. Legislatures should seek to re-write their laws to be more clear when conflicts are presented.

What better time for the public to speak their preference than during an election cycle? No sane judge would say, "Let's make a decision that the voters cannot change for two or more years." That would be activism.

  • Not saying its impossible, I just doubt it. If they issue a pro-FTN ruling in October, or even the latter half of September, it is very likely that the Presidential Mid-Term elections will suddenly... more
    • Re: At this stage, I'll be surprised if they respond by 11/06 — Anonymous, Tue Sep 4 1:07pm
      • Only if it was SCotUS doing so.Not A ID, Tue Sep 4 5:23pm
        And even (former) Supreme Court Justices have acknowledged that politics DO sometimes factor in to decisions made by the courts, even if it is something as "trivial" as timing of a ruling's release.... more
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