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Not A ID
Only if it was SCotUS doing so.
Tue Sep 4, 2018 5:23pm

And even (former) Supreme Court Justices have acknowledged that politics DO sometimes factor in to decisions made by the courts, even if it is something as "trivial" as timing of a ruling's release.

Which goes back to: "I think the justices are going to extra thorough in reviewing their ruling's relevant documentation. That review should complete some time after November 7th. They weren't "sitting on it" for political reasons, they were revising it to make sure it was well written and sufficiently concise in stipulating the scope of said ruling. 😀

  • You are thinking more like a politician than a judge. While judges are not immune to political winds, they tend not to worry about such. When a judgement is ready, it is ready. Public intercourse on... more
    • Only if it was SCotUS doing so. — Not A ID, Tue Sep 4 5:23pm
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