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looking for CFNM stories that are not about weak men
Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:56am

I am struggling to find any stories that are CFNM where the men aren't weak/dominated. I think the problem is that most CFNM stories are basically ENM stories as well, but that's not what I am looking for.

What I am looking for is more like this story:

However, I can't really find anything else like it! I know there are a lot of stories out there, especially on literotica, but it's really hard to shift through them all.

I am also open to video suggestions. This video I found is kind of alright:

But I am not a big fan of the Japanese videos (not because of the way they look, but they definitely have some weird ways of acting that are not really to my taste) and the video ends too early without the man ever building his confidence or anything.

Any story or video suggestions that are CFNM but are not ENM would be great. Thanks in advance!

    • Try this onecheryl, Mon Sep 10 9:57pm
      I wrote it a couple of years ago...;article=56040;title=The%20ASN%20Story%20Board Would love to know your thoughts on it!
      • Re: Try this oneKnight-Streaker, Thu Sep 27 9:00am
        Cheryl, I loved the story.
      • My CFNM storyAnonymous, Sat Sep 15 10:18pm
        I wrote a CFNM story. I also have a lot of CFNM stories in my favorites. Here is my profile.
        • Re: MY CFNM STORYKnight-Streaker, Thu Sep 27 8:58am
          I loved the stories of Sarah and Dean and the others. Did you ever think of adding on additional chapters? I would love to read more about Christina and Dean.
      • a sweet storydonnylaja, Tue Sep 11 10:30am
        I didn’t catch this the first time around. It sounds like it really was written by a teenage girl and is so realistic. Also I was afraid you’d go on to sex (or grossness) but you didn’t. Thanks!... more
        • Re: a sweet storycheryl, Tue Sep 11 8:44pm
          I'm glad you enjoyed it. I don't normally write about sex or humiliation, so no worries there! And I don't really give Jamal a race, although I do mention "the sunlight playing on the water droplets... more
          • Jamaldonnylaja, Tue Sep 11 9:02pm
            You did say he had a “pasty white butt”, probably a proofreading error. When a black male character appears in erotic fiction I always prepare for the worst, but you didn’t go there, fortunately. One ... more
            • Aaaahhhhh!cheryl, Wed Sep 12 7:09am
              I did do that! So sorry to all. Story ruined. Dang it!!! :-) ~cheryl
    • I wrote one last yeardonnylaja, Mon Sep 10 3:07pm
      "The Sire Project" The whole book is available only on Amazon, but the first few chapters were posted on the ASN Board, and are on Writings of Leviticus and my page. Hope that is what you... more
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