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Tue Sep 11, 2018 9:02pm

You did say he had a “pasty white butt”, probably a proofreading error. When a black male character appears in erotic fiction I always prepare for the worst, but you didn’t go there, fortunately.

One of the many assets (ha) of this story is the narrator’s innocent admiration of male genitals the first time she really gets a look at them.

  • Re: a sweet storycheryl, Tue Sep 11 8:44pm
    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I don't normally write about sex or humiliation, so no worries there! And I don't really give Jamal a race, although I do mention "the sunlight playing on the water droplets... more
    • Jamal — donnylaja, Tue Sep 11 9:02pm
      • Aaaahhhhh!cheryl, Wed Sep 12 7:09am
        I did do that! So sorry to all. Story ruined. Dang it!!! :-) ~cheryl
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IO's Discussion Board