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It's been a while...
Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:06am

...but I am back. Hi everyone. I just two new stories, one about my favorite subject: Tami Smithers. The other is a new concept...not sure how far I can take it but trying.

I'd love some feedback on the Tami story and my new girl, Charlotte!


    • Great start to the new Tami story!Anonymous, Sun Nov 11 3:03pm
      Can't wait to see where you take it.
    • Good to have you back (nm)Casanova, Sat Nov 10 1:02pm
    • Welcome backBarelin, Sat Nov 10 9:40am
      Love reading your stories.
    • Please Continue The Office StoryHooked6, Sat Nov 10 8:03am
      Katie wrote: "The other is a new concept...not sure how far I can take it but trying." Oh PLEASE take it FAR, Katie. This is one of your best stories ever in my humble opinion (see note at the story... more
    • Welcome Back (and a request)Zakalwe, Sat Nov 10 7:30am
      Looking forward to the new stories! Also, one of my favorite stories of yours was Ride To School. Any intention of ever picking back up with Chapter 5? Zakalwe
    • welcome backnot a politician, Sat Nov 10 6:50am
      Haven't fully read your new story yet, but I like how the nature of the blackmail is not given. Most of the time, it isn't really interesting in itself and only exists to facilitate the plot, and... more
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