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“Blind as a Bat. Naked as a Jaybird.”
Sun Jan 6, 2019 11:20pm

When ionly posted that he had saved 16 of my stories, I couldn’t remember writing that many. I thought he may have got the number wrong. But, I just read one he really-posted from 2006 that I had totally forgot.
“Blind As A Bat. Naked As A Jaybird.”

What a treat. I couldn’t even remember how it ended as I read it!

Thanks, ionly.

    • Old storiesDormouse, Wed Jan 9 11:42am
      I must admit that I sometimes see iionly has posted an old story of mine and I can't help re-reading it. Exactly the type of story I'd have written, I find myself thinking.
      • :-)iionly, Thu Jan 10 4:12pm
        Never thought the story archive could be useful in this way!
      • Indeed (nm)Zappedfan , Wed Jan 9 4:51pm
    • 14 not 16iionly, Mon Jan 7 2:21pm
      Glad I could surprise even the author. :-D Only when posting I noticed that one "story" I had saved is actually a newspaper article you had once posted (couldn't add that) and another file was only a ... more
      • “Assignment From M”Zappedfan , Mon Jan 7 3:02pm
        Unfortunately, I started that story to explore how I felt about Fem-Dom and BDSM. I found out that I didn’t like it. Writing about Moneypenny taking Bond to The Ball Busting Club did not appeal to... more
    • Re: Blind as a bat...Dormouse, Mon Jan 7 6:45am
      When I saw that tile, I immediately thought of that clip doing the rounds a few years ago from a hidden camera show where an apparently blind woman, complete with white stick, taps her way naked out... more
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