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“Assignment From M”
Mon Jan 7, 2019 3:02pm

Unfortunately, I started that story to explore how I felt about Fem-Dom and BDSM.
I found out that I didn’t like it.
Writing about Moneypenny taking Bond to The Ball Busting Club did not appeal to me.
Also, I’m not British. So, I didn’t know if I was using the Idioms correctly.

The way the story was going to end was with Bond reporting to M The he and Moneypenny had taken holiday together at an island resort and that M had sexually harassed and assaulted him the whole time.
M would then ask if there was evidence such as “Pictures to warm me ‘art in me old age,” in a Cockney accent.
Bond would then realize that M was on the island and part of the set-up. He would then chuckle and say he was only joking about the sexual harassment and that he and Moneypenny had a lovely time.
M would then start stroking the blonde hair on her desktop hula doll, stare at his crotch and say, “Back to work, Double-Oh Seven.”

The End

  • 14 not 16iionly, Mon Jan 7 2:21pm
    Glad I could surprise even the author. :-D Only when posting I noticed that one "story" I had saved is actually a newspaper article you had once posted (couldn't add that) and another file was only a ... more
    • “Assignment From M” — Zappedfan , Mon Jan 7 3:02pm
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