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Re: Escape naked
Tue Apr 2, 2019 6:17pm

I can remember Repo Man

At the end is scene where they go naked and must return all implants to some storage, so it is quite violent.

And some old Agent Smart movie, Naked weapon, maybe.
In last scene detonated special bomb and left everyone naked.

  • Escape nakedDestronger, Sun Mar 31 5:35pm
    Having watched The Predator this weekend, there was a scene where Olivia Munn's character tried to escape the lab but couldn't get out due to necessity to go through a decontamination protocol. Of... more
    • A fewMagnus, Thu Apr 4 1:57pm
      Rizzoli and Isles had a decontamination scene In "Disaster Movie", Kim Kardashian takes off her shirt (nothing is seen) so they can use body warmth to keep ... more
    • Island girlsLisa Rogers, Wed Apr 3 10:40pm
      Island girls
    • Re: Escape naked — Martin, Tue Apr 2 6:17pm
      • Escape nakedLisa Rogers, Wed Apr 3 11:35pm
        I remember the title as island girls. This link seems to be the same movie. A group of women fight emprisonment and escape off the island completely naked.... more
        • Re: Escape nakednightguy, Wed May 15 3:49am
          I think that is a movie called "Prisoners of Cell Block 9". The women are kept naked all the time anyway in this one, and do escape the prison naked, spending a while trying to make their way out of... more
      • Escape nakedT., Wed Apr 3 5:51pm
        I think since it has been a loonnnggggg time, that you are talking about Get Smart: The Nude Bomb, but i could be mistaken. T.
      • Re: Escape nakedDimitrii, Wed Apr 3 5:01am
        It was titled: The Nude Bomb
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