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"Lucifer" on Netflix
Thu May 9, 2019 11:44am

Now they have made the move to Netflix, Lucifer has added a few more risqué scenes.

Working on caps but if you watch you will see not only Lucifer (Tom Ellis) rear quarters but we are also treated to Ms. Lopez (Aimee Garcia) body during a Nudist Colony Visit.

Ms. Lopez
and from Dexter

Still waiting on Laura German


    • Re: Ms LopezDormouse, Tue May 14 6:35am
      In the UK we've just had the Las Vegas episode from season 3 where Ms Lopez first of all appears in a green mini-dress with a plunging neckline and then dressed as a show girl wearing mostly beads.... more
    • Re: LuciferDormouse, Fri May 10 7:25am
      I'm watching season 3 on Fox in the UK at the moment but I don't have Netflix - not enough time to watch everything at the moment - so it seems unlikely I'll be seeing season 4 anytime soon.
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