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Fri May 10, 2019 6:09pm

The premise sounds interesting. Any luck figuring out what story it is?

  • Looking for lost CFNM storyBrookjess, Thu Apr 18 7:55pm
    Been looking for a CFNM story I found ages ago. Itís about a guy who pretended to be a nudist to keep his sister from living with him but then it backfired and now he has to be a nudist around her.... more
    • Re: Looking for lost CFNM storyMartin, Sun May 12 5:01am
      I'm not sure, but could be introducing sister to nudism from Literotica? That guy maybe isn't hiding from sister, but otherwise match description.
      • Re: Looking for lost CFNM storyquartinery, Mon May 13 12:43pm
        hmm.. doesn't quite fit the description. But, the story does seem more likely somehow to have come from literotica than here. I tried going through the stories tagged with CFNM on literotica, but... more
    • Re: — quartinery, Fri May 10 6:09pm
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