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Re: Ms Lopez
Tue May 14, 2019 6:35am

In the UK we've just had the Las Vegas episode from season 3 where Ms Lopez first of all appears in a green mini-dress with a plunging neckline and then dressed as a show girl wearing mostly beads.

Maybe the actress was getting tired of all the time wearing hoodies and tee-shirts.

  • "Lucifer" on NetflixIndianOutlaw, Thu May 9 11:44am
    Now they have made the move to Netflix, Lucifer has added a few more risqué scenes. Working on caps but if you watch you will see not only Lucifer (Tom Ellis) rear quarters but we are also treated to ... more
    • Re: Ms Lopez — Dormouse, Tue May 14 6:35am
    • Re: LuciferDormouse, Fri May 10 7:25am
      I'm watching season 3 on Fox in the UK at the moment but I don't have Netflix - not enough time to watch everything at the moment - so it seems unlikely I'll be seeing season 4 anytime soon.
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