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Re: Escape naked
Wed May 15, 2019 3:49am

I think that is a movie called "Prisoners of Cell Block 9".
The women are kept naked all the time anyway in this one, and do escape the prison naked, spending a while trying to make their way out of the jungle to freedom.

It was famous for one more thing. One of the four major actresses was later found to be under age at the time of filming. She lied about her age to get the job. And that stopped distribution of the film entirely, cos it legally would have been child porn.

  • Escape nakedLisa Rogers, Wed Apr 3 11:35pm
    I remember the title as island girls. This link seems to be the same movie. A group of women fight emprisonment and escape off the island completely naked.... more
    • Re: Escape naked — nightguy, Wed May 15 3:49am
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