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Any other enf style erotica sites?
Fri May 17, 2019 5:46am

Other than here and and

I don't really know any other good places for written erotica. Any suggestions?

Personally, I don't like Literotica. I have found a few good stories on that site, but it's so varied that I mostly find myself turned off and it's really hard to wade through the sheer volume of totally different stuff.

I like more enf/enforced nudity (but not over the top stuff) and I find that it's usually one extreme or the other. Either it's enf like... only accidental nudity or just nudist type stuff or it's full on extreme rape fantasies whereas I like more medium stuff.

I have been looking for new stories lately and not really finding what I am looking for sadly.

    • some other sitesSensoryOverlord, Mon Jun 3 11:28am
      But you'd have to sift for enf. more
    • CCCbase, Thu May 23 4:16pm Some "consensual rape" scenes by a few authors, but mostly ENF. On Literotica, look for story collections, for example,... more
    • linksalsosprachzar, Fri May 17 9:13am
      I'm surprised to hear you don't like literotica, the abundance of stories is what makes it so good for me. Use the ENF tag and then sort by ratings. And that is where I post my stories. Some links:... more
      • Re: linksBette, Sat May 18 10:32pm
        There are some good stories on Literotica, but I find the site very hard to navigate Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. I will check them out
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