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Re: No
Tue Aug 20, 2019 3:15pm

Here's your change on your two cents... 1¢

"interacting" That is exactly what he describes.

Let's change this around a bit to test things. The clothed female gets a naked male to knock on her door. She sees him through the peephole but never opens the door for the male to know she is there. CFNM?

Two high rise condo owners living next door to each other where their patios are sheltered from seeing each other. She talks him into stripping, and others can see him naked, but she never sees him. CFNM?

In both of these cases, the female and male have an interaction without the female seeing the naked male. It really does not matter if you get your kicks or not reading about the female reaction to the naked male. That would be a really poor criterion for defining CFNM.

  • NoNudebrain, Tue Aug 20 1:50pm
    Gonna have to go with no here. The spirit, if not the letter of the law, of CFNM is clothed females interacting with or at least observing nude males. I don't consider a female merely knowing (since... more
    • Re: No — Anonymous, Tue Aug 20 3:15pm
      • HaypennyNudebrain, Tue Aug 20 4:11pm
        First, your examples: 1. Who's perspective is the story told from? If the female sees the naked male through the peephole but the story's told first person from the male's point of view then the... more
        • a Cuneiform messageAnonymous, Wed Aug 21 1:10pm
          I do like your Cuneiform message scenario. Is it CFNM? I do not know from your description whether the female was clothed or not. It could be CFNM or NFNM. Whether long distance or over a long period ... more
          • HmmNudebrain, Wed Aug 21 1:50pm
            Sorry, thought it was implied that the ancient female was clothed in some type of proto-toga or whatever the hell those folks wore back then. Again, you can define CFNM however you want but I must... more
            • first/thrid person narrativeAnonymous, Thu Aug 22 1:29am
              I do like and appreciate your take on the first-person versus third-person narratives. It is a logical issue here. Schrödinger's cat, sort of thing. In one viewing/telling the situation is CFNM, but... more
            • Re: HmmDimitrii, Wed Aug 21 6:52pm
              The blind person brings an interesting wrinkle. It reminds me of a scene in a story where a blind black man walks into a nudist camp unaware of what it was. Kids scream about an outsider. He at first ... more
              • blind CFNMAnonymous, Thu Aug 22 1:12am
                The blind man at a nudist camp is a great one. Here's a video of a comedy candid camera of sorts turning that around: A blind woman enters the men's locker ... more
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