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Tue Aug 20, 2019 4:11pm

First, your examples:

1. Who's perspective is the story told from? If the female sees the naked male through the peephole but the story's told first person from the male's point of view then the female might as well not exist, since he's not aware of her and thus I the reader am not either. If the story is told third person and thus I the reader can see everything that's happening and know what every person is thinking then it's CFNM because I'm aware of the female's presence and thoughts/reaction.

I don't know what the female in the news story thought about what she did, maybe she did it to be funny or maybe she's an asshole or maybe she did it as a lark and then forgot she did it and never gave it another thought until the cops came calling. Regardless, for the situation itself she was never there and saw nothing. Unless I have omniscience as a reader of the story it's just two dudes, one is clothed and angry and the other is naked and embarrassed. You can say "a female caused it so it's CFNM" but if the female didn't see it and had no reaction to it then she doesn't matter to the story, he could just as easily have gone to the wrong house for all he, and I the reader, know and it would be the same event.

2. Your second example is basically a rehash of the actual article so same question: Who's perspective is the story told from? Another question: Are any of the others females? Because if it's told first person and no women see him then it's just a nude guy being seen by other clothed guys because a woman in another location caused it to happen.

If your criteria for CFNM is just "some type of interaction between a male and a female that results in the male being nude and seen by another person who's not necessarily female, including sending a message over a long distance that doesn't require either physical or even visual contact" then I have an example of my own:

A female from thousands of years ago carves a Cuneiform message into a clay tablet: "Take your clothes off". It's buried under the sands of time until the Apocalypse or Judgement Day or whatever happens. After all of the nukes fly all women and all but two men are dead, one of them happens to be an archaeologist who wiles away his last days doing what he loves and discovers the clay shard. He translates it, says "What the hell?" and takes his clothes off. He's nude in front of another man and it resulted from an interaction with a woman, it meets all of your prescribed criteria.

Now you can call that CFNM if you want but if every woman on the planet is dead CFNM loses a bit of it's appeal for me. Your mileage may vary.

  • Re: NoAnonymous, Tue Aug 20 3:15pm
    Here's your change on your two cents... 1¢ "interacting" That is exactly what he describes. Let's change this around a bit to test things. The clothed female gets a naked male to knock on her door.... more
    • Haypenny — Nudebrain, Tue Aug 20 4:11pm
      • a Cuneiform messageAnonymous, Wed Aug 21 1:10pm
        I do like your Cuneiform message scenario. Is it CFNM? I do not know from your description whether the female was clothed or not. It could be CFNM or NFNM. Whether long distance or over a long period ... more
        • HmmNudebrain, Wed Aug 21 1:50pm
          Sorry, thought it was implied that the ancient female was clothed in some type of proto-toga or whatever the hell those folks wore back then. Again, you can define CFNM however you want but I must... more
          • first/thrid person narrativeAnonymous, Thu Aug 22 1:29am
            I do like and appreciate your take on the first-person versus third-person narratives. It is a logical issue here. Schrödinger's cat, sort of thing. In one viewing/telling the situation is CFNM, but... more
          • Re: HmmDimitrii, Wed Aug 21 6:52pm
            The blind person brings an interesting wrinkle. It reminds me of a scene in a story where a blind black man walks into a nudist camp unaware of what it was. Kids scream about an outsider. He at first ... more
            • blind CFNMAnonymous, Thu Aug 22 1:12am
              The blind man at a nudist camp is a great one. Here's a video of a comedy candid camera of sorts turning that around: A blind woman enters the men's locker ... more
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