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Wed Aug 21, 2019 1:50pm

Sorry, thought it was implied that the ancient female was clothed in some type of proto-toga or whatever the hell those folks wore back then. Again, you can define CFNM however you want but I must insist that it involve living females or else what's the point? And if we're going to count angels in heaven being aware of everything then all male nudity is CFNM each and every time and the point is rendered moot.

Your blind female example is a tricky one: I would define the situation as CFNM in a third person sense because the clothed female and nude male are in the same room, if I the reader am aware of them both then it could be defined that way. But if I were reading a story from the first person point of view of the blind female and she wasn't aware of a nude male in her presence then I would say not, just as with a first person account of the male being spied upon through a peephole. Also, is the nude male blind as well? If two blind people are in a room but are not aware of each others presence, does it matter? If I'm lonely and there is a person in the room with me I'm not aware of, I'm technically not alone but I'd still feel lonely.

I think the main distinction is: Are you defining these scenarios in a vacuum or are you doing so through the lens of a narrative/reader? For me at least, CFNM has to be more than a mere technicality because I am only interested in it as it applies erotically. A clothed female corpse and a nude male corpse in a room together is technically CFNM but it has no value to me. Same with a woman sending a command across thousands of years to a nude male no female will ever see. Same if I step out of the shower and my baby daughter toddles into the bathroom in a diaper. Without some level of erotic interaction/reaction/awareness it's merely technical and sterile.

But to each their own, define it as you wish. The story from the original article is somewhat entertaining but ultimately unerotic and hence of little value to me but again your mileage may vary.

  • a Cuneiform messageAnonymous, Wed Aug 21 1:10pm
    I do like your Cuneiform message scenario. Is it CFNM? I do not know from your description whether the female was clothed or not. It could be CFNM or NFNM. Whether long distance or over a long period ... more
    • Hmm — Nudebrain, Wed Aug 21 1:50pm
      • first/thrid person narrativeAnonymous, Thu Aug 22 1:29am
        I do like and appreciate your take on the first-person versus third-person narratives. It is a logical issue here. Schrödinger's cat, sort of thing. In one viewing/telling the situation is CFNM, but... more
      • Re: HmmDimitrii, Wed Aug 21 6:52pm
        The blind person brings an interesting wrinkle. It reminds me of a scene in a story where a blind black man walks into a nudist camp unaware of what it was. Kids scream about an outsider. He at first ... more
        • blind CFNMAnonymous, Thu Aug 22 1:12am
          The blind man at a nudist camp is a great one. Here's a video of a comedy candid camera of sorts turning that around: A blind woman enters the men's locker ... more
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