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Re: Hmm
Wed Aug 21, 2019 6:52pm

The blind person brings an interesting wrinkle.
It reminds me of a scene in a story where a blind black man walks into a nudist camp unaware of what it was. Kids scream about an outsider. He at first thinks it is racial until he is given a feel down the side of someone to prove they are nude.

  • HmmNudebrain, Wed Aug 21 1:50pm
    Sorry, thought it was implied that the ancient female was clothed in some type of proto-toga or whatever the hell those folks wore back then. Again, you can define CFNM however you want but I must... more
    • first/thrid person narrativeAnonymous, Thu Aug 22 1:29am
      I do like and appreciate your take on the first-person versus third-person narratives. It is a logical issue here. Schrödinger's cat, sort of thing. In one viewing/telling the situation is CFNM, but... more
    • Re: Hmm — Dimitrii, Wed Aug 21 6:52pm
      • blind CFNMAnonymous, Thu Aug 22 1:12am
        The blind man at a nudist camp is a great one. Here's a video of a comedy candid camera of sorts turning that around: A blind woman enters the men's locker ... more
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