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blind CFNM
Thu Aug 22, 2019 1:12am

The blind man at a nudist camp is a great one.

Here's a video of a comedy candid camera of sorts turning that around:
A blind woman enters the men's locker room. If she does not know there are men seeing her naked, does it count as CMNF? or NMNF?

there was a old comedy sketch of a guy pretending to be blind,a nd entering the ladies' locker room. They let him roam about. Seemed harmless, but when he got erect, they realized he was not blind after all.

  • Re: HmmDimitrii, Wed Aug 21 6:52pm
    The blind person brings an interesting wrinkle. It reminds me of a scene in a story where a blind black man walks into a nudist camp unaware of what it was. Kids scream about an outsider. He at first ... more
    • blind CFNM — Anonymous, Thu Aug 22 1:12am
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