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Maybe these links will help
Fri Aug 30, 2019 12:55pm

Hi Jon,

Not sure if I'm covering ground you've already covered.

I've found the blurb you quoted using a google cache search using this link:

I'm not sure if this Cole mentioned is the "C" in the author name "C_Lakewood".

The file which the blurb appears in a sub folder called Stories by Joe Doe.

A Joe Doe story:;article=18084;

I don't know the story, but surely it has to be one of these stories within C_Lakewood folder/sub folders on

  • Help Finding a Story (by Cole?)Jon, Fri Aug 30 11:26am
    Hello all, I need help identifying a story. Please let me know if any of you are aware of the story that meets the description below. It should be on ASSTR, and it should fit (broadly) into the strip ... more
    • Stories by ColeAnonymous, Mon Sep 9 1:30pm
      Unfortunately, the Yahoo group messages (referenced) are not available. But this might help... Plus classic re-posts from "Cole" (The BEST erotic story writer on earth!!) Coach's Humiliating Sports... more
      • Coach's Humiliating Sports PhysicalJon, Tue Sep 10 8:08am
        Thank you so much! This appears to be the story for which I was looking, but as you point out, apparently the referenced Yahoo group messages are not available. I have not yet had the pleasure of... more
    • Maybe these links will help — Anonymous, Fri Aug 30 12:55pm
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