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Whatever Happened to Saawaat
Sat Aug 31, 2019 2:59am

Just curious if anybody has any idea whatever happened to Saawaat.

He had a great page on Deviantart, particularly an awesome, illustrated, vote-for-your-favorite-option adventure series about a couple of girls trying to avoid being caught naked in school during a fire drill. Unfortunately his account was suddenly and mysteriously deactivated before he released the final chapter, which was a major letdown. Luckily I was able to save most of the images from the story before they disappeared, but the story itself seems to be gone forever.

Anyway, just curious if anybody knows what happened. Also, if anybody has a copy of the original text, that would be awesome.

    • Re: Whatever Happened to SaawaatKiTA, Sat Aug 31 5:34am
      Deactivated Account is also DA's "banned" message, I believe. It's possible he got banned. I see he has a reddit and a imgur account. I've reached out to him on both.
      • SaawaatJon, Tue Sep 10 8:11am
        Thank you so much for your effort. I recall finding his accounts on some other sites when he first disappeared off of Devianart, but as I recall he hadn't really engaged in any activity on those... more
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