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Link is gone now
Thu Sep 5, 2019 3:51pm

Yeah, that was the discussion. I downloaded the story from that link, then two months later my tablet crashed and I lost it again. The link doesn't work anymore, was temporary.Also it was in pdf form and would not export.

  • Re: Looking for story-The New ProfessorMartin, Thu Sep 5 3:36pm
    hey, that discussion is only at second page!;article=20933
    • Link is gone now — orflash64, Thu Sep 5 3:51pm
      • Here's a link to the fileTheEvilDeevil, Sat Sep 7 3:23pm
        Here you go Orflash, I've uploaded to a temp file storage site..... should last about 24 hours (from Sat 7th Sept 2019 20:20pm GMT UK time).
        • Ooops forgot to add link in last messageTheEvilDeevil, Sat Sep 7 3:24pm
          Forgot to add the link
          • Thanksorflash64, Sat Sep 7 4:39pm
            Thanks, this time I'm saving to my Kindle and my Mac.
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