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Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:36am

There was the news report about the student whose teacher said that her shorts distracted from her presentation, so she stripped off and did the presentation in her underwear:

(Curious, that report is dated May 2018, but I'm sure I only heard about it recently, even though I subscribe to The Independent.)

  • Of course, in our world...Fallen, Tue Sep 10 10:19pm
    She would have bern required to remove the suit and race without it.
    • Conversely — Dormouse, Fri Sep 13 6:36am
    • wedgieAnonymous, Wed Sep 11 10:47am
      The judge should be fired and banned from doing any future judging. I gather the complaint was made by the coach of the swimmer that lost and the judge's impartiality is highly questionable. My... more
      • I agreedonnylaja, Wed Sep 11 4:16pm
        High school girls with "unusual builds" have to deal with enough teasing as it is, without the extra shame that comes with ill-fitting school-issued swimsuits. Blame the judge for this incident,... more
    • T--- High School made an accommodationdonnylaja, Wed Sep 11 10:34am
      "So you're wearing your uniform tomorrow?" Jamal said to Brigid. The majorette's uniform, of course, did not comply with the school dress code, but that issue was settled long ago. In the big... more
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