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Would love to see that ...
Fri Sep 13, 2019 9:58am

.... on Dancing with the Stars.

In Miss Truth's case.... Dancing with a Heavenly Body.... poor Dion :)

  • Re: Miss Truth's Dance Party BPClavel, Fri Sep 13 12:32am
    Well . . . that escalated (pun intended) rapidly! But I guess Deion is not ready for the dance. (I always enjoy Miss Truth!)
    • Would love to see that ... — TheEvilDeevil, Fri Sep 13 9:58am
      • Dancing (naked) with the StarsWilliam J. Griffin, Fri Sep 13 1:54pm
        I seem to recall a few years back that one of the dancers on that show *did* have a wardrobe malfunction (her skirt slipped down during a rather vigorous routine, exposing almost ALL of her shapely... more
    • Re: Miss Truth's Dance Party William Griffin, Fri Sep 13 9:52am
      Deion is a bit of a klutz, actually...that would've happened with *any* poor girl he'd be dancing with. It was just his good luck that it was Miss Truth's dress he (inadvertently, to be sure) ripped... more
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