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William J. Griffin
Dancing (naked) with the Stars
Fri Sep 13, 2019 1:54pm

I seem to recall a few years back that one of the dancers on that show *did* have a wardrobe malfunction (her skirt slipped down during a rather vigorous routine, exposing almost ALL of her shapely behind❤💕🥒)

As for Deion, shed not ye tears for thee...he's living the life most of us red-blooded cisgende men would literally die for!!😉

  • Would love to see that ...TheEvilDeevil, Fri Sep 13 9:58am
    .... on Dancing with the Stars. In Miss Truth's case.... Dancing with a Heavenly Body.... poor Dion :)
    • Dancing (naked) with the Stars — William J. Griffin, Fri Sep 13 1:54pm
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