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Labradoodle Seizures?
Tue Feb 19, 2008 10:02am (XFF:

Has anyone had a labradoodle that had a seizure? Our 3 yr old doodle had one this week but in about five minutes seemed back to normal. It hasn't happened since. I read on the internet that poodles, labs and goldens are more prone to having seizures.

    • seizuresbrad, Tue Oct 20 4:30pm
      My labradoodle had her first seizure at 14 month. the vet put her on phenobarbital but she still had seizure about every 2-4 months. we had her on heart worm medicine and flea and tick (oral). I was... more
    • Dog with seizuresSusan , Sat Feb 18 3:21pm
      Our Labradoodle started having major seizures at 4 1/2 mos. She is now 4 years old - and has been taking the following to deal with her seizures: Phenobarbital, Potssium Bromide, and Zonisimide. She... more
      • Dog with seizuresmarilyn, Sat Feb 18 4:00pm
        Susan...I am so sorry your doodle has had so many problems. Our Gus has never been on meds for his seizures. He has about 6 or so a year (he is 6 yrs old). Lately his last two spells didn't seem like ... more
        • SeizuresSusan, Sat Feb 18 6:48pm
          It sounds like those are seizures. There is a post seizure period (I can't remember the name ) where they behave as you've described. What does your vet say? I know once they begin meds they have to... more
    • new drug for seizurespf, Wed Oct 5 10:35am
      Our friend has a Lab Doddle, 3 years old and has had two seizures 7 months apart. The vet put him on Potassium Bromide 500 mg 9 tablets the first day and there after 2 1/2 tablets daily. The dogs... more
      • Thanksgusmar817, Thu Oct 6 2:20pm
        Thanks so much for such valuable information about Labradoodle Seizures
    • Labradoodlerandy, Fri Jul 15 3:15pm
      My six year old Labradoodle "Curly" started having seizures about a year ago. The first one was horrible, I thought he was choking on a piece of food. He has had approximately one a month since then... more
      • siezuresKMC, Sun Nov 18 8:27pm
        My mothers labradoodle has started having seizures. Potassium Bromide seems to be the initial drug of choice for them. There are about as many reasons for this to happen as there are dogs in the... more
    • Re: Labradoodle Seizures?Anonymous, Thu May 5 2:09pm
      My dog is 5 now, he has been having seizures since he was 2years old. Theres not much you can do for it but keep it in a safe enviornment and get medication from the vet. Once you get the meds, you... more
    • labradoodle anonymous, Fri Dec 17 11:33pm
      Our labradoodle is 3 yrs old and has about one siezure a month. they last abt 20 minutes from begining to the time he is back to normal.
    • Re: Labradoodle Seizures?Anonymous, Sat Oct 9 1:15pm
      my brothers labradoodle just died this last week from having seizures. they're not sure why. he was about 3 years old and started having seizures a week or two ago. take him/her to the vet asap!... more
      • Labradoodle SeizuresAnonymous, Sat Oct 9 2:02pm
        Sorry about your brother's labradoodle. Ours is now 5 yrs old and has had on average about two seizures a year. So far he has recovered each time on his own within a few minutes. Our vet seems to... more
    • Doodle seizuresrc, Tue Jun 29 9:54am
      My five year old labradoodle had his first seizure about 4 months ago. Very scary. He acted like he had something caught in his windpipe. After about10 minutes he seemed fine. He had another one this ... more
    • Doodle SeizuresWilliam Rigg, Thu Nov 26 9:08am
      Our 2 1/2 Year old had a seizure yesterday. It was the worst thing I have ever seen. I truly hope she never has another one. Is your doodle still seizure free?
      • Labradoodle Seizuresmarilyn, Thu Nov 26 10:46am
        I first wrote about my labradoodle's seizures a couple of years ago. He has had about three or four since then but months apart. Seems very healthy. My vet didn't seem too concerned since the... more
    • labradoodle seizuresrgs, Thu Oct 23 11:15pm
      Our 4yo labradoodle just had a seizure this morning. Very scary to see. Lasted no more than a few minutes then within a half an hour was completely back to normal. I took her to the vet and she... more
    • seizurescooper, Tue Jul 15 7:14pm
      Funny - our 7 yr old labradoodle had a big seizure last night. VERY scary seemed to last forever. Afterwrds panting very hard and very thirsty. Did not take to vet b/c went for a long morning walk... more
      • Re: seizuresAnonymous, Sat Oct 9 1:20pm
        if a seizure lasts more than five minutes bring to the vet asap. my brothers doodle died a couple days ago because of seizure. at first everything was ok, he was healthy as a horse (and the size of... more
    • Seizures in labradoodleAbby, Fri Feb 22 11:32pm
      Yes, I had a labradoodle who I lost to severe epilepsy this past fall. It is the scariest thing to see when your baby is suffering. I would educate yourself and start a journal of seizures and things ... more
    • I have read posts from othersKendra NVL, Wed Feb 20 8:59am
      saying their dood had seizures however I have never really paid much attention to the posts so I dont know more. Can you tell me why type of Labradoodle you have (Lab Poodle mix or Australian)? I... more
      • seizure in LabradoodleAnonymous, Wed Sep 30 4:40pm
        I have a rescue Labradoodle who has seizures when exposed to bright light. She was started on phenobarbitol about 3 weeks ago and has had no further seizure activity. She was pulled from a shelter... more
        • Aggressive seizureTony, Thu Sep 22 6:42am
          Our 5 yr old Australian labradoodle Susie had her first seizure less than 1 mos ago. Perfectly health great personality. Tried to bite my wife then barked and growled for a few minutes before calming ... more
          • SeizuresAnonymous, Sun Dec 29 5:48pm
            My dog had an aggressive seizures this morning . She is 2years old. Vet advised to keep her as safe as possible, but not to get too close during this stage.
            • SeizureJoan, Mon Dec 30 9:27am
              That is very scary. Where did you buy your dog?
              • SeizureAnonymous, Mon Dec 30 9:37am
                My dog is the result of a mating between my son and my daughters dogs. There is no history of any seizure episodes in their history. No one else as far as I am aware have any problems with their... more
                • SeizureJoan, Mon Dec 30 9:49am
                  Thanks for responding. Hope your dog is ok. :)
                  • Seizure Anonymous, Mon Dec 30 11:01am
                    No probs Joan, I hope yours is ok as well. Worrying isn't it.
            • SeizuresJoan, Mon Dec 30 9:19am
              Where did you buy your dog?
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