Thank you
Fri Apr 18, 2008 10:23am (XFF:

I decided to go with a recommended breeder from the Goldendoodles web site that does all of the testing on the parents as well as temperment testing and offers a 2 year health guarantee. They have a slightly older female puppy who's slated owners had to back out. Not only are they charging less than the other breeder (who wanted top dollar)They even came down on the price a small amount.

Thanks again.

  • I recommend looking at the rescuesKendra~ Noble Vestal Labradoodles, Fri Apr 18 9:34am
    before buying from a breeder / back yard breeder who doesn't test. Yes you could get a pup from this breeder who would be just fine but because there is no history of information available I wouldn't ... more
    • Thank you — Michelle, Fri Apr 18 10:23am
      • Mini goldendoodle breederCarol Bordwell , Tue Apr 3 11:31pm
        May I ask where you got your puppy? Thank you
      • Good for YOU!Maureen, Fri Apr 18 11:17am
        there are LOTS of "AKC" registered dogs with hip dysplasia and other blood-born diseases! A reputable breeder screens their dogs for those health issues that could be passed on to your puppy. best... more
        • maureenAnonymous, Fri Apr 18 12:31pm
          Maureen you talk about backyard breeders, what happens when you breed a brother and sister and sell them for a true Labradoodle breeding.what do you call them
      • Glad you found your pup! (nm)Kendra~ Noble Vestal Labradoodles, Fri Apr 18 10:36am
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