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labradoodle for adoption
Wed May 16, 2012 1:48pm


Name: Colbert
Nicknames: Doodles, Colberto

Breed: F1B Labradoodle (mother labradoodle, father miniature poodle)
D.O.B.: September 11, 2009

Colbert has lived with me since he was six weeks old. He has had all his regular shots and regular vet check ups.

The reason why I am giving him up for adoption is because I went back to school and I also have to work to support myself. He is a dog that deserves regular exercise and games. Unfortunately my schedule does not permit this any longer. Itís a sad reality for me to face so itís with great care for his well being that I am putting him up for adoption.

Heís an intelligent and fun dog to have around; he loves to have jobs to do like fetching his ball or searching for it if you hide it. Heíll run alongside if youíre a runner or cyclist. And he is absolutely fantastic around people, including children and babies. He has an adventurerís spirit with curiosity to match, however, he requires an alpha leader to keep him in check. Heís not a good dog to bring to a home if you already own a dog, he can be jealous.

When you adopt him I will include his current food, toys and bed; and all his paperwork.

If you would like to arrange to meet Colbert please contact me. I can not emphasize enough how great he is with people and his abundant energy.

Katrina McGuire

    • ColbertSandy, Tue May 22 2:22pm
      Katrina, Have left you a message regarding Colbert via. voicemail. Please contact me when you are availbale as we would love to make Colbert part of our family. Sandy
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