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No Subject
Fri May 9, 2014 2:17pm

Hello my 5 year old labradoodle Aston had what seemed to be some sort of fit today. We had taken him on a walk just as normal and got home, then left to go to the shop for 5 minutes. when we returned home he was lying down against the wall outside staring into space. immediately i ran over to see him. His mouth was shut but foaming a lot at the mouth, he was shaking violently and his eyes were crossed over and he was unresponsive. He was in this state for 2 or 3 minutes. after then he becasure more dazed. We had to carry him into the car still not fully responsive to us .We took him to the vet but they said they were busy and very unhelpful by this point he was beginning to seems more himself and starting to move about and walk. Once we got home After 10 minutes he was jumping around the garden just as normal. He seemed perfectly fine while i was still very worried and scared. Im not 100% sure what happened still, at first i thought it was a fall but this seemed different,so we are keeping an eye on him tonight but is there anyone who could maybe help shine a light on what might of caused this or what happened.

    • Re: No SubjectAnonymous, Sat May 10 8:32am
      It sounds like a seizure. My labradoodle has had about two or three a year for the past several years. It is scary but he always seems to come around after a few minutes.
      • Re: No SubjectAnonymous, Sat May 17 9:39am
        Do you know why these occur i have done some research but since you have first hand experience it would be helpful to know about your doodles seizures
        • Seizuresdoc, Tue May 27 2:53pm
          Our doodle has had seizures since he was 3. He is now 6. Severity ranges. He is on medication. Vary from 5 weeks apart to 5 months apart. Breeder states no other reports of seizures from any of her... more
    • Re: No SubjectJoan LeVan, Sat May 10 8:31am
      Sounds like a seizure. My kids had one when they were little. Foam in mouth etc. where did you get your doodle?
      • Re: No SubjectAnonymous, Sat May 17 9:41am
        We got him from a farmhouse just the east of fife
    • siezureMary & The Doodle Crew, Sat May 10 7:52am
      Sorry to hear about your scarey experience with your doodle. Sounds like what he is experiencing is a siezure. There are many resourses on the internet about this. I was going to post a link for you... more
      • Re: siezureAnonymous, Sat May 17 9:42am
        Thank you for trying but i will do more research about them
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