Sat May 10, 2014 7:52am

Sorry to hear about your scarey experience with your doodle. Sounds like what he is experiencing is a siezure.
There are many resourses on the internet about this.
I was going to post a link for you but my smartphone is acting up..sorry

  • No SubjectAnonymous, Fri May 9 2:17pm
    Hello my 5 year old labradoodle Aston had what seemed to be some sort of fit today. We had taken him on a walk just as normal and got home, then left to go to the shop for 5 minutes. when we returned ... more
    • Re: No SubjectAnonymous, Sat May 10 8:32am
      It sounds like a seizure. My labradoodle has had about two or three a year for the past several years. It is scary but he always seems to come around after a few minutes.
      • Re: No SubjectAnonymous, Sat May 17 9:39am
        Do you know why these occur i have done some research but since you have first hand experience it would be helpful to know about your doodles seizures
        • Seizuresdoc, Tue May 27 2:53pm
          Our doodle has had seizures since he was 3. He is now 6. Severity ranges. He is on medication. Vary from 5 weeks apart to 5 months apart. Breeder states no other reports of seizures from any of her... more
    • Re: No SubjectJoan LeVan, Sat May 10 8:31am
      Sounds like a seizure. My kids had one when they were little. Foam in mouth etc. where did you get your doodle?
      • Re: No SubjectAnonymous, Sat May 17 9:41am
        We got him from a farmhouse just the east of fife
    • siezure — Mary & The Doodle Crew, Sat May 10 7:52am
      • Re: siezureAnonymous, Sat May 17 9:42am
        Thank you for trying but i will do more research about them
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