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Pedigree help?? Anyone?
Thu May 29, 2014 9:27pm

Hi, I have a fabulous Goldendoodle, who's an F3 or F2... and WESTWOOD'S ABBA ZABBA is in his pedigree, and I can't find any info on his parentage behind him.
Unfortunately the breeder from whom we got our boy went out of business, and couldn't help me with the 3rd or 4th generations of my boy's pedigree, so I'm searching on my own. It was NOT a reflection on her as a breeder or on Helene or Westwood that I am missing this information, it was an honest mistake with the breeder who whelped this boy (not Westwood).

If anyone has any help, information, search tips or ideas of the parents behind ABBA ZABBA I would be GREATLY appreciative of that info, in any shape or form.
Email me or reply here.....thank you so much in advance!!

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