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Puppies at Doodlelane
Wed Mar 16, 2016 6:11pm

We got our puppy from Doodlelane a couple of years ago. He was 12 weeks old when we picked him up. He was so terrified of people - had probably never been held. She had litters all over the house in separate pens. Apart from ear infections in both ears, the dog took almost a year to come around with his socialization. Doodlelane is a puppy mill and I agree with all the comments I've read below. I would not recommend this breeder to anyone.

  • Re: Been awhile...Anonymous, Sun Dec 30 9:59am
    She shipped me a sick puppy with mites and pink eye which got our indoor cat sick and currently cost over $600 in vet bills. She also overcharged me misquoting the exchange rates. Since she ripped me ... more
    • Puppies at Doodlelane — Dog Lover, Wed Mar 16 6:11pm
      • Do Not Buy A Puppy from This Puppy MillDoodle owner, Fri Feb 16 10:32am
        We bought a chocolate golden doodle puppy from Doodle Lane. I was shocked to see the conditions this poor dog started his life in when I arrived to pick him up. Apart from an ear infection, he was... more
    • Doodlelane Not so Healthy PuppiesJoan, Wed Oct 16 3:12pm
      Joan on October 16, 2013 at 3:18 pm said: We picked up our puppy about 2 weeks ago from Doodlelane. When leaving Linda (the breeder) gave me 5 Metronidazole pills for the puppy “just” incase she got... more
      • NuVetJoyce, Thu Sep 14 6:01pm
        These puppies should be on NuVet. Can I please get a contact phone number - one she answers. I will not tell her where I got the number. thanks. Joyce 800.474.7044. Ext 210 NuVet
      • Re: Doodlelane Not so Healthy PuppiesAnonymous, Sun Apr 3 11:02am
        Did anyone contact the ALAA to let them know?
      • DoodlelaneDee, Fri Sep 18 1:19pm
        Would like to speak to some people With doodle lane puppies. Can you please contact me at Thanks
      • Re: Doodlelane Not so Healthy PuppiesAnonymous, Mon Dec 29 11:29pm
        Ha I bought my dog there too 4 years ago. It's a puppy mill. Me and husband figured it out. I don't even believe she lives there. Also bought my dog 1500 dollars and brought her home and day later... more
      • Re: Doodlelane Not so Healthy, Thu Dec 4 1:02pm
        Glad to read this as I have an appointment booked to buy a puppy from Doodle Lane. Could I please speak with youÉ
        • Doodle laneJoan, Thu Dec 4 1:15pm
          Sure 519-751-3139
      • dogs at doodle lane Mark , Sat Mar 15 2:47pm
        hi we hCW deposit at this header - could you give us more info?
        • DoodlelaneJoan, Sat Mar 15 3:03pm
          Hi our puppy is now 7 months old. She is just awesome but she still has geardia. Very hard to get rid off. Talk to your vet so you understand what it is. Also if you are getting a female do not let... more
      • doodlelaneJulie, Tue Feb 11 9:19pm
        I was thinking of getting a dog from Doodlelane too. It doesn't look from the website as though they have tons of animals, so any more insight you can give would be very, very helpful!
        • Questions re: doodlelaneJoan, Wed Feb 12 7:10pm
          Call me if you want. I don't know what you want to know? 519-750-4029
      • Doodlelane Not so Healthy PuppiesJoan, Thu Oct 17 11:07am
        Just got the results back from my vet on my puppy's second stool sample after one round of medicine and she is still testing positive with Giardia. :(
      • Re: Doodlelane Not so Healthy PuppiesAnonymous, Thu Oct 17 8:04am
        We WERE considering a puppy from doodlelane. But we've come across a cople of negative reviews. Would love to discuss this further with you off public forum. Can I email u privately?
        • response Anonymous, Thu Oct 17 8:30am
          • Re: response Anonymous, Thu Oct 17 9:03am
            How do I go about doing this? Is there an email link somewhere on this page?
            • Doodle lane Anonymous, Thu Oct 17 9:38am
              I am home now call me 519-751-3139
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