Re: kendra
Sun Nov 13, 2016 10:00pm

I am an owner of a labradoodle, and for your information she is the most amazing dog. Breeding labradoodles is not always for the money, but perhaps because of the fact that labradoodles are smart and social, completely lovable and loyal, and also happen to often have non-shedding + hypoallergenic coats. There are several reasons why they are the perfect breed, and for you to say that it is shallow because they are "designer dogs" and that they are not as good as AKC recognized breeds, simply shows your ignorance. How about if you don't like labradoodles, fine, but keep your judgey attitude off of a forum where people are just trying to gain information on how to breed these wonderful dogs.

  • kendraksm_ok, Sat Jan 9 8:02am
    I have something to say about this subject and it is directed at the breeders along with Kendra....Kendra, it sounds like you did not do your store pets are not a good choice due to... more
    • Re: kendra — Anonymous, Sun Nov 13 10:00pm
    • You must be illiterate & ignorantKendra~ Noble Vestal Labradoodles, Tue Jan 12 8:44am
      since the ignorant can not be tough I will not attempt to educate you in the ways that we do advanced health testing and research our lines. But will repeat that I basically told the person with... more
      • correctionskendra~ Noble Vestal Labradoodles, Tue Jan 12 2:47pm
        since the ignorant can not be "taught"... even if she does comply with "our" standard of health testing....
    • Your argument...Jacque, Mon Jan 11 12:03am
      If you really want to contribute to the conversation in an educated way, watch this video...THEN let's talk about Mutts vs REGISTERED dogs... You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but at least... more
    • And I hope the AKC NEVER does!Mary & The Doodle Crew, Sun Jan 10 2:23pm
      Grab yourself your favorite beverage and one hour of your free time and watch this video ..on Pedigree Dogs Exposed which aired on the BBC last year.... more
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