Doodle owner
Do Not Buy A Puppy from This Puppy Mill
Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:32am

We bought a chocolate golden doodle puppy from Doodle Lane. I was shocked to see the conditions this poor dog started his life in when I arrived to pick him up. Apart from an ear infection, he was absolutely terrified of people. We spent hundreds of dollars with a dog specialist to socialize this poor dog. He's 6 now, and still terrified of anyone who is not family. It is unfair and unethical they way Linda breeds dozens of dogs at once. Disgusting.

  • Puppies at DoodlelaneDog Lover, Wed Mar 16 6:11pm
    We got our puppy from Doodlelane a couple of years ago. He was 12 weeks old when we picked him up. He was so terrified of people - had probably never been held. She had litters all over the house in... more
    • Do Not Buy A Puppy from This Puppy Mill — Doodle owner, Fri Feb 16 10:32am
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