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four murderers almost escape in Texas
Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:47pm

It's amazing to me that possible escape and even MORE murders are just an acceptable reality for anti death penalty activists in America, and around the world.

It's like they view it as just

'the cost of doing business.'

Here's an example where FOUR horrible killers came within a hair of escaping a Texas prison, and yet none of the BOZOS at Amnesty International are even willing to ADMIT....


dead killers never escape.

The simple logic of that statement is IGNORED by the NYC media, by the bozos of Europe who wish to influence the justice system of America, and Hollywood as well.

The SIMPLE REALITY of this case below... is that IF those four killers had been executed? Only one of the five would have been able to ATTEMPT

any kind of escape.

It just PISSES ME OFF that America can not see the SAFETY ISSUE involved! Dead killers only mean a safer society! A safer world for women and girls as well!


LIVINGSTON, Texas—Five inmates at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Unit that houses Death Row attempted to escape Friday night, officials said.

The inmates attempted to escape from the unit at about 9 p.m. by jumping an interior fence and attempting to scale the exterior fence at the Polunsky Unit in Livingston, a TDCJ official said.

The inmates were returning from the gym unit where they had attended a church service.

Guards in the guard towers and working the perimeter opened fire on the inmates.

Three of the five general population inmates were shot as they all made a run for the fence, none of the inmates escaped the prison grounds.

TDCJ released the names of the five inmates:

Michael Dueitt, 27, convicted in Calhoun County and serving a life sentence for capital murder

Juan Quintero,36, convicted in Harris Count and serving a life without parole sentence for capital murder

Donald Gower, 41, convicted in Lampass County and serving a life without parole sentence for capital murder

Terry McDonald, 29, convicted in El Paso County and serving a life sentence for murder

Albin Zelaya-Zelaya, 29, convicted in Harris County and serving a life sentence for burglary with intent to commit a felony

Quintero and Gowen suffered multiple lacerations. They have since been treated for their injuries and are back at the unit.
Dueitt, Zelaya-Zelaya, and McDonald suffered gunshot wounds and were taken to area hospitals for non-life threatening injuries.

All five offenders could face felony attempted escape charges.

The prison was on lockdown Friday night.

    • Yeah....., butkat, Sun Jan 31 10:44pm
      even those who've been sentenced to death have a lot of years before any are actually put to death in which to escape.
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