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Re: Today's food for thought
Wed Aug 3, 2011 7:46am

How will they execute Mubarak, chop his head off?

  • Today's food for thoughtLewis, Tue Aug 2 12:36pm And, in this news last week - a man released 27 years after being wrongfully convicted (FINALLY, modern DNA/forensics proved him innocent). If they'd gone... more
    • By popular demand ....Lewis, Thu Aug 4 10:23pm
      Post may be redundant (I posted this earlier but it didn't seem to take). A couple of links: more
    • in th elegal system where the majority of thematthew, Thu Aug 4 1:33am
      police, judges & lawyers are corrupt....i'm sure they should not play around too much with the death many have they executed by mistake ? and anyway those who are really guilty usually... more
      • hey, and osama passed away finally ! (nm)matthew, Thu Aug 4 1:39am
        • And not soon enoughMike, Thu Aug 4 11:44pm
          No thanks to Bush.
            • No more thanother people, perhapsLewis, Tue Aug 9 11:55am
              But the man's fanatical religion is such that he hates us for our "decadence" - ... then a search of his quarters reveals his fondness for porn and whiskey.
              • are u sure he was the one who indulgedmatthew, Sun Aug 14 1:16pm
                in them ? there were two or 3 other men living there including the owner of the house. btw, with 4 wives, why does he need porn ?!!
                • Good questionsLewis, Mon Aug 15 7:29am
                  If he was a "nasty nice" as he represented himself to be, I doubt that he'd have permitted the other men to drink. About the only one who could have gotten away with it was himself Porn? Why does... more
                  • if you remeber, its 10 years this septembermatthew, Mon Aug 22 3:07pm
                    when we heard the news of the attack on the wtc on charlene's board. i think royd broke the news, scott & aku was also there adding to the commentary.
                    • Lest we forget ...Lewis, Mon Aug 22 5:14pm
                      As a matter of fact, my favorite NFL team plays Denver on 9/11 - and the stadium will be packed with people. A fine time for a repeat performance ... I hope none of the fans farts too loudly - it... more
          • Bush's groundwork finally payed off (nm)Lewis, Fri Aug 5 9:32am
            • doubtful....some one rattled on himmatthew, Sun Aug 7 12:54pm
              if he had continued to live in the mountains & caves of afghanistan instead of in a town, he would be alive still.....u see, the stones & rocks don't carry any tales........
              • Not quite the whole story ...Lewis, Sun Aug 7 3:50pm
                He knew damned well he couldn't safely hide in the caves forever. When our troops paid him a visit, he wasn't home. See my posts to Mike about the whole thing.
                • i really dont think u could havematthew, Sun Aug 14 1:18pm
                  searched all those millions of caves & crevices in afghanistan. mullah omar is still safe & sound as he he has kept away from the cities and people.
                  • We only had to search oneLewis, Mon Aug 15 7:39am
                    As to finding the right one - Do a search on "Project BORESIGHT". Declassified and put out on the 'net; Top Secret when I was in. Pertained to submarines in the ocean, true - but the ocean is a very... more
                • He was tipped offMike, Sun Aug 7 7:39pm
                  And Obama dispatched an execution squad to take him out. Cheap, clean, and effective. If Bush ever decided to go after him in Pakistan (which I doubt) he would have leveled hundreds of square miles... more
                  • Of course he was tipped offLewis, Tue Aug 9 12:09pm
                    That's what happens with "human intelligence". Networks of "human assets" take many years to develop. We had quite a network going in the MidEast. In 1969, when I was finally allowed to retrain, they ... more
                    • "Gentlemen do not ... "Lewis, Tue Aug 9 5:08pm
                      In the main entrance to Building 2000 at what WAS Air Force Intelligence Headquarters building, Kelly AFB, was a large plaque reading "Gentlemen don't read other gentlemen's mail". This was a quote... more
                  • You know better than thatLewis, Sun Aug 7 10:24pm
                    That's merely your vitriol talking again. Try a little Maalox. There's no way Bush did NOT know about him being in Pakistan - after all, the area around Tora Bora and Pakistan is pretty porous.... more
            • Too funnyMike, Fri Aug 5 9:16pm
              OBL wasn't even on Bush's radar and that was his choice. Instead, he went away from him and off in another direction - with disastrous results.
              • Totally wrongLewis, Fri Aug 5 9:56pm
                OBL was on the presidential radar long BEFORE Bush. OBL was offered (I think, by Pakistan) to Slick Willy - who declined.
                • He could have gotten him if he wanted to. He walked away from him.
                  • What did Bush do? Well ... let's reviewLewis, Sat Aug 6 9:45am
                    The intelligence community was tracking him by cell phone emanations - until the New York Times posted what we were doing, and how. Then, they were tracking the US numbers called by known Al Qaeda... more
                    • Bush didn't track the guyMike, Wed Aug 17 8:01pm
                      He just needed to give the order to take him out. If the commander of a huge deployed army can't find the tallest man in the M.E. that walks with a cane in 8 years then he's not looking too hard.
            • And would have, had not Slick Willy wimped out when they had him in the cross hairs. All Lyin' Willy did was lob a few million bucks worth of guided missile into an empty goat pasture - where Osama... more
              • Bush TOTALLY gave up on him in Afghanistan. And how many hundreds of millions of dollars worth of missiles landed in empty desert patches in Iraq? Bush wasted a trillion dollars on a country that was ... more
                • Bush gave up on Afghanistan?Lewis, Fri Aug 5 10:02pm
                  Come with me out to BAMC, and talk to some of the wounded veterans who were there during Bush's tenure. As to wasted effort in Iraq - once again: Talk to the Clinton administration's intelligence... more
                  • Basically he didMike, Fri Aug 5 10:50pm
                    Sure, there were troops there - 30K versus the 140K he moved into Iraq. That enabled the Taliban to take control again and allow Al Qaeda to slip into Pakistan. Kerry or Hillary's speeches didn't... more
                    • Why, yes, of course - can you?Lewis, Sat Aug 6 9:52am
                      Then share that with the intelligence committees of both the House and Senate, particularly Senators Kerry and Clinton. Having incorrect information is not an excuse; and "excuse" is, after all, but... more
        • A bad case of terminal indigestionLewis, Thu Aug 4 8:32am
          It's hard to digest a belly full of lead.
    • Re: Today's food for thought — C, Wed Aug 3 7:46am
      • Don't know - don't careLewis, Wed Aug 3 9:20am
        I can't waste time worrying about uncivilized nations' internal affairs. We're screwing the pooch by supporting all of the rebel factions in the (virtually) world-wide "Arab Spring". Anyone with one... more
        • i liked the video of obamamatthew, Thu Aug 4 1:47am
          kissing mubarak on each cheek at some state reception las year.....(will post a link to that if i find it).....later a knife in the back !
          • Similarities between Mubarak and BushMike, Thu Aug 4 11:53pm
            They both used fear and hysteria to get what they want. One was a dictator and the other was a wannabe.
            • mubarak risked his life many times for americamatthew, Sun Aug 7 12:55pm
              starting from sadat & camp david accord.....still they let him down i'm afraid
              • yesMike, Wed Aug 17 8:15pm
                He was just another formerly useful dictator. He wasn't the first and he won't be the last.
                • Once in a great while ... like this one ...Lewis, Thu Aug 18 10:59am
                  Mike gets it right.
                  • I'm about 99% certain ...Lewis, Thu Aug 18 11:01am
                    ... that ALL dictators start out intending to do the greater good for the greater number of their people. But there's an old saying about the pathway to hell being paved with good intentions ...
              • Yes, he did.Lewis, Sun Aug 7 3:52pm
                Personally, I find disgusting the way this administration throws allies under the bus and kisses the arses of our enemies.
                • i think gwb may have allowed himmatthew, Sun Aug 14 1:20pm
                  to use the army to crush the protesters, while obama got carried away by the "democracy & freedom" fairytale !
                  • ". . . for the good of the country . . ."Lewis, Mon Aug 15 7:48am
                    I think almost all dictators believe that when they break the rules and work havoc on their people, they're doing so for the good of the people. Obama included. Difference is, I'm convinced that he's ... more
            • Actually -Lewis, Fri Aug 5 9:23am
              Bush didn't use fear and hysteria; what he did was inform the American people about reality - or, at least, reality as he got it from the CIA. Because Clinton's CIA crew gave him incorrect... more
              • He knew, or should have known, the enormous consequence of invading that country and keeping it propped up indefinitely. Not to mention eliminating an enemy of Iran and giving her an oil-rich... more
                • So glad you agree.Lewis, Sat Aug 6 9:48am
                  Removing any excuses whatsoever from what Obama has done to this country. And heaping even more blame on Senators Kerry and Clinton.
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