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A bad case of terminal indigestion
Thu Aug 4, 2011 8:32am

It's hard to digest a belly full of lead.

  • hey, and osama passed away finally ! (nm)matthew, Thu Aug 4 1:39am
    • And not soon enoughMike, Thu Aug 4 11:44pm
      No thanks to Bush.
        • No more thanother people, perhapsLewis, Tue Aug 9 11:55am
          But the man's fanatical religion is such that he hates us for our "decadence" - ... then a search of his quarters reveals his fondness for porn and whiskey.
          • are u sure he was the one who indulgedmatthew, Sun Aug 14 1:16pm
            in them ? there were two or 3 other men living there including the owner of the house. btw, with 4 wives, why does he need porn ?!!
            • Good questionsLewis, Mon Aug 15 7:29am
              If he was a "nasty nice" as he represented himself to be, I doubt that he'd have permitted the other men to drink. About the only one who could have gotten away with it was himself Porn? Why does... more
              • if you remeber, its 10 years this septembermatthew, Mon Aug 22 3:07pm
                when we heard the news of the attack on the wtc on charlene's board. i think royd broke the news, scott & aku was also there adding to the commentary.
                • Lest we forget ...Lewis, Mon Aug 22 5:14pm
                  As a matter of fact, my favorite NFL team plays Denver on 9/11 - and the stadium will be packed with people. A fine time for a repeat performance ... I hope none of the fans farts too loudly - it... more
                  • BTW ...Lewis, Mon Aug 22 5:16pm
                    It's been forever and three weeks since I've heard from Royd. Does anybody know what's happening there? AKU, I don't worry about - don't care if I never hear of him again. He's got even less honor... more
      • Bush's groundwork finally payed off (nm)Lewis, Fri Aug 5 9:32am
        • doubtful....some one rattled on himmatthew, Sun Aug 7 12:54pm
          if he had continued to live in the mountains & caves of afghanistan instead of in a town, he would be alive still.....u see, the stones & rocks don't carry any tales........
          • Not quite the whole story ...Lewis, Sun Aug 7 3:50pm
            He knew damned well he couldn't safely hide in the caves forever. When our troops paid him a visit, he wasn't home. See my posts to Mike about the whole thing.
            • i really dont think u could havematthew, Sun Aug 14 1:18pm
              searched all those millions of caves & crevices in afghanistan. mullah omar is still safe & sound as he he has kept away from the cities and people.
              • We only had to search oneLewis, Mon Aug 15 7:39am
                As to finding the right one - Do a search on "Project BORESIGHT". Declassified and put out on the 'net; Top Secret when I was in. Pertained to submarines in the ocean, true - but the ocean is a very... more
            • He was tipped offMike, Sun Aug 7 7:39pm
              And Obama dispatched an execution squad to take him out. Cheap, clean, and effective. If Bush ever decided to go after him in Pakistan (which I doubt) he would have leveled hundreds of square miles... more
              • Of course he was tipped offLewis, Tue Aug 9 12:09pm
                That's what happens with "human intelligence". Networks of "human assets" take many years to develop. We had quite a network going in the MidEast. In 1969, when I was finally allowed to retrain, they ... more
                • "Gentlemen do not ... "Lewis, Tue Aug 9 5:08pm
                  In the main entrance to Building 2000 at what WAS Air Force Intelligence Headquarters building, Kelly AFB, was a large plaque reading "Gentlemen don't read other gentlemen's mail". This was a quote... more
              • You know better than thatLewis, Sun Aug 7 10:24pm
                That's merely your vitriol talking again. Try a little Maalox. There's no way Bush did NOT know about him being in Pakistan - after all, the area around Tora Bora and Pakistan is pretty porous.... more
        • Too funnyMike, Fri Aug 5 9:16pm
          OBL wasn't even on Bush's radar and that was his choice. Instead, he went away from him and off in another direction - with disastrous results.
          • Totally wrongLewis, Fri Aug 5 9:56pm
            OBL was on the presidential radar long BEFORE Bush. OBL was offered (I think, by Pakistan) to Slick Willy - who declined.
            • He could have gotten him if he wanted to. He walked away from him.
              • What did Bush do? Well ... let's reviewLewis, Sat Aug 6 9:45am
                The intelligence community was tracking him by cell phone emanations - until the New York Times posted what we were doing, and how. Then, they were tracking the US numbers called by known Al Qaeda... more
                • Bush didn't track the guyMike, Wed Aug 17 8:01pm
                  He just needed to give the order to take him out. If the commander of a huge deployed army can't find the tallest man in the M.E. that walks with a cane in 8 years then he's not looking too hard.
                  • Neither did Obama.Lewis, Thu Aug 18 10:19am
                    Both presidents used the intelligence community to do that - an intelligence community that Bush's predecessors had gutted, so that he had to rebuild virtually from scratch. An intelligence community ... more
        • And would have, had not Slick Willy wimped out when they had him in the cross hairs. All Lyin' Willy did was lob a few million bucks worth of guided missile into an empty goat pasture - where Osama... more
          • Bush TOTALLY gave up on him in Afghanistan. And how many hundreds of millions of dollars worth of missiles landed in empty desert patches in Iraq? Bush wasted a trillion dollars on a country that was ... more
            • Bush gave up on Afghanistan?Lewis, Fri Aug 5 10:02pm
              Come with me out to BAMC, and talk to some of the wounded veterans who were there during Bush's tenure. As to wasted effort in Iraq - once again: Talk to the Clinton administration's intelligence... more
              • Basically he didMike, Fri Aug 5 10:50pm
                Sure, there were troops there - 30K versus the 140K he moved into Iraq. That enabled the Taliban to take control again and allow Al Qaeda to slip into Pakistan. Kerry or Hillary's speeches didn't... more
                • Why, yes, of course - can you?Lewis, Sat Aug 6 9:52am
                  Then share that with the intelligence committees of both the House and Senate, particularly Senators Kerry and Clinton. Having incorrect information is not an excuse; and "excuse" is, after all, but... more
                  • BTW, Mike -Lewis, Sat Aug 6 10:03am
                    To pop a few Bush-bashing bubbles: Some 500+ artillery shells, filled with poison gas, were indeed found (these are "WMD"). That he was willing to use such weapons is inarguable - he had a history of ... more
                    • Delivery systems for WMDLewis, Sat Aug 6 10:08am
                      This is one the local Bush-bashers jumped all over: "Sure, a little dynamite and a few pounds of highly radioactive dust from the bombed-out reactor, and you've got a dirty bomb. And yes, when the... more
    • A bad case of terminal indigestion — Lewis, Thu Aug 4 8:32am
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