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Actually -
Fri Aug 5, 2011 9:23am

Bush didn't use fear and hysteria; what he did was inform the American people about reality - or, at least, reality as he got it from the CIA.

Because Clinton's CIA crew gave him incorrect information, he was accused of lying - which he did not. (You don't really think that presidents do their own espionage and intelligence gathering, do you?) If Presidents "lie" when their info is incorrect - how about a president who assures us that, if we let him spend a few trillion more dollars, unemployment won't get any higher than 8 percent?

Now, who uses fear and hysteria? Remember the "Mediscare" add of the old woman being pushed off a cliff in a wheel chair?

  • Similarities between Mubarak and BushMike, Thu Aug 4 11:53pm
    They both used fear and hysteria to get what they want. One was a dictator and the other was a wannabe.
    • mubarak risked his life many times for americamatthew, Sun Aug 7 12:55pm
      starting from sadat & camp david accord.....still they let him down i'm afraid
      • yesMike, Wed Aug 17 8:15pm
        He was just another formerly useful dictator. He wasn't the first and he won't be the last.
        • Once in a great while ... like this one ...Lewis, Thu Aug 18 10:59am
          Mike gets it right.
          • I'm about 99% certain ...Lewis, Thu Aug 18 11:01am
            ... that ALL dictators start out intending to do the greater good for the greater number of their people. But there's an old saying about the pathway to hell being paved with good intentions ...
      • Yes, he did.Lewis, Sun Aug 7 3:52pm
        Personally, I find disgusting the way this administration throws allies under the bus and kisses the arses of our enemies.
        • i think gwb may have allowed himmatthew, Sun Aug 14 1:20pm
          to use the army to crush the protesters, while obama got carried away by the "democracy & freedom" fairytale !
          • ". . . for the good of the country . . ."Lewis, Mon Aug 15 7:48am
            I think almost all dictators believe that when they break the rules and work havoc on their people, they're doing so for the good of the people. Obama included. Difference is, I'm convinced that he's ... more
    • Actually - — Lewis, Fri Aug 5 9:23am
      • He knew, or should have known, the enormous consequence of invading that country and keeping it propped up indefinitely. Not to mention eliminating an enemy of Iran and giving her an oil-rich... more
        • So glad you agree.Lewis, Sat Aug 6 9:48am
          Removing any excuses whatsoever from what Obama has done to this country. And heaping even more blame on Senators Kerry and Clinton.
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