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So is this right-winger.
Fri Aug 5, 2011 9:29am

I get it from our founding documents - specifically, the Declaration of Independence - precursor to our Constitution.

We are endowed by our CREATOR (not the government) with an inalienable right to LIFE.

We do not owe our lives to the government; it owes its life to US. The government did not give us life, neither can it restore it when wrongfully taken.

Therefore it has no right to take what it cannot restore, when human courts make human errors.

  • nopeMike, Thu Aug 4 10:50pm
    Just implying that this case is red meat for the left wing blogosphere. Left wingers are pretty much against the DP.
    • So is this right-winger. — Lewis, Fri Aug 5 9:29am
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