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Re: It should have happened many years sooner -
Fri Aug 5, 2011 9:37pm

Bush TOTALLY gave up on him in Afghanistan.

And how many hundreds of millions of dollars worth of missiles landed in empty desert patches in Iraq?

Bush wasted a trillion dollars on a country that was NOT in any way a threat to you. Nothing was gained from that.

  • And would have, had not Slick Willy wimped out when they had him in the cross hairs. All Lyin' Willy did was lob a few million bucks worth of guided missile into an empty goat pasture - where Osama... more
    • Re: It should have happened many years sooner - — Mike, Fri Aug 5 9:37pm
      • Bush gave up on Afghanistan?Lewis, Fri Aug 5 10:02pm
        Come with me out to BAMC, and talk to some of the wounded veterans who were there during Bush's tenure. As to wasted effort in Iraq - once again: Talk to the Clinton administration's intelligence... more
        • Basically he didMike, Fri Aug 5 10:50pm
          Sure, there were troops there - 30K versus the 140K he moved into Iraq. That enabled the Taliban to take control again and allow Al Qaeda to slip into Pakistan. Kerry or Hillary's speeches didn't... more
          • Why, yes, of course - can you?Lewis, Sat Aug 6 9:52am
            Then share that with the intelligence committees of both the House and Senate, particularly Senators Kerry and Clinton. Having incorrect information is not an excuse; and "excuse" is, after all, but... more
            • BTW, Mike -Lewis, Sat Aug 6 10:03am
              To pop a few Bush-bashing bubbles: Some 500+ artillery shells, filled with poison gas, were indeed found (these are "WMD"). That he was willing to use such weapons is inarguable - he had a history of ... more
              • Delivery systems for WMDLewis, Sat Aug 6 10:08am
                This is one the local Bush-bashers jumped all over: "Sure, a little dynamite and a few pounds of highly radioactive dust from the bombed-out reactor, and you've got a dirty bomb. And yes, when the... more
                • If one acts on every potential (meaning it has never happened) threat with enormous resources that could bankrupt you and forever commit you to misery, is that a practical solution? I've got new for... more
                  • Imagination?Lewis, Sat Aug 6 6:19pm
                    Yes, we DO have the makings here of a very nasty situation. Not acting when you are threatened buys you nothing - just ask pre-war Poland. And France, and most of the rest of Europe.
                    • Re: Imagination?Mike, Sun Aug 7 8:14pm
                      Just just because there were talks about threats it doesn't mean they are credible. And in this case they are not. These 'threats' were fabrications for excuses to launch a premeditated invasion. It... more
                    • A rusty boat?Lewis, Sat Aug 6 6:23pm
                      A rusty boatload of explosives an "imaginary" threat? Tell that to the families of those killed on the USS Cole.
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