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Bush gave up on Afghanistan?
Fri Aug 5, 2011 10:02pm

Come with me out to BAMC, and talk to some of the wounded veterans who were there during Bush's tenure.

As to wasted effort in Iraq - once again:

Talk to the Clinton administration's intelligence gathering efforts, and the Clinton appointed CIA director.

And, talk to members of the congress - particularly Senators John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, who made speeches all but DEMANDING that Bush take military action in Iraq.

(I posted Hillary's speech, long ago, in response to another of your rants. Did you read it? If I post it again, will you read it this time?)

  • Bush TOTALLY gave up on him in Afghanistan. And how many hundreds of millions of dollars worth of missiles landed in empty desert patches in Iraq? Bush wasted a trillion dollars on a country that was ... more
    • Bush gave up on Afghanistan? — Lewis, Fri Aug 5 10:02pm
      • Basically he didMike, Fri Aug 5 10:50pm
        Sure, there were troops there - 30K versus the 140K he moved into Iraq. That enabled the Taliban to take control again and allow Al Qaeda to slip into Pakistan. Kerry or Hillary's speeches didn't... more
        • Why, yes, of course - can you?Lewis, Sat Aug 6 9:52am
          Then share that with the intelligence committees of both the House and Senate, particularly Senators Kerry and Clinton. Having incorrect information is not an excuse; and "excuse" is, after all, but... more
          • BTW, Mike -Lewis, Sat Aug 6 10:03am
            To pop a few Bush-bashing bubbles: Some 500+ artillery shells, filled with poison gas, were indeed found (these are "WMD"). That he was willing to use such weapons is inarguable - he had a history of ... more
            • Delivery systems for WMDLewis, Sat Aug 6 10:08am
              This is one the local Bush-bashers jumped all over: "Sure, a little dynamite and a few pounds of highly radioactive dust from the bombed-out reactor, and you've got a dirty bomb. And yes, when the... more
              • If one acts on every potential (meaning it has never happened) threat with enormous resources that could bankrupt you and forever commit you to misery, is that a practical solution? I've got new for... more
                • Imagination?Lewis, Sat Aug 6 6:19pm
                  Yes, we DO have the makings here of a very nasty situation. Not acting when you are threatened buys you nothing - just ask pre-war Poland. And France, and most of the rest of Europe.
                  • Re: Imagination?Mike, Sun Aug 7 8:14pm
                    Just just because there were talks about threats it doesn't mean they are credible. And in this case they are not. These 'threats' were fabrications for excuses to launch a premeditated invasion. It... more
                    • Then, I'll repeat my answerLewis, Sun Aug 7 10:28pm
                      If the threats were not credible, take it up with the director of the CIA - who assured the President that "it was a slam dunk". If you want to blame the faulty information on the president who... more
                  • A rusty boat?Lewis, Sat Aug 6 6:23pm
                    A rusty boatload of explosives an "imaginary" threat? Tell that to the families of those killed on the USS Cole.
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